Organic Smoked Salmon

Organic Smoked Salmon

100% Organic as certified by the Organic trust

Clarke’s award winning Irish Organic Smoked Salmon has been increasing in popularity amongst connoisseurs of good food, and is also seen as a viable and sustainable alternative to the Wild. To meet Organic Trust certification, the Clarke brothers had to ensure that all requirements of the Trust were met. Combine this with a HACCP and quality management system and the Organic Smoked Salmon produced is to a meticulous high standard and quality.

What makes Clarke's Organic Smoked Salmon so special?

  • Reared close by in Clare Island in the west of Ireland the location is suited to Organic salmon rearing. It is rugged and is recognised as one of the most exposed areas in Europe and the salmon are able to swim in the strong sea currents and shoal naturally.
  • Clare Island organic salmon farm is audited by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA).
  • Organic salmon are reared in a less dense environment than for example farmed salmon. This has the benefit of less stress and more room for the salmon to move around in thus providing a more natural habitat for them. In fact the fish swim some 6000 miles per year, almost as much as wild salmon do.
  • To qualify as organic salmon they must be fed from sustainable and non GM resources. This means that their nutritional requirements closely resembles their natural environment. Importantly, the use of chemicals, growth promoters and anti-biotics in organic salmon production is not allowed.
  • There are growing concerns about the detrimental environmental effects of intensive fish farming. The environmental impact of the fish that Clarke’s Salmon Smokery use for organic smoked salmon is minimal. The organic salmon farm at Clare island is closely monitored and audited annually to ensure compliance with the certifying authorities.
  • The farming procedures adopted by the farm are more environmentally friendly. For example the use of herbal remedies to combat the occurece of sea lice.
  • After smoking they have a firmer texture and more natural soft pink colour, making them the current favourite of good food enthusiasts.

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