Dillisk or Dulse is a sea vegetable that grows in the intertidal zone, the region of shoreline found between high and low tides. It is found attached to rocks by means of a holdfast, it grows between 25 and 45 cm in length and is characterised by a red or purple translucent fronds. Dillisk grows and is harvested by hand during the spring and summer months, and then cured in open fields by the wind and sun after spreading thinly on netting. Frequently turned, the dillisk is ready for consumption when the leaves are covered with sea salt. In this state it has a shelf life of several years.

What's healthy and NUTRITIOUS about Dillisk?

  • It is a rich, natural source of essential vitamins, ions and sea salt.
  • Contains no artificial preservatives or flavourings, nothing is added or taken away from its delicious rich natural healthy taste.
  • Dillisk is a low calorie foodstuff, containing high levels of roughage, important in sustaining proper bowl and intestine function.
  • It is an excellent dieting health food, eaten on its own or used as an ingredient when accompanying salads and other dishes.

Dillisk has been closely associated with the West coast of Ireland and Ballina in particular. Usually sold accompanying periwinkles, the Dillisk found here is a rich and luscious one that delivers a unique and distinguished taste.

Is your diet short in essential vitamins? Dillisk may be an ideal supplement……

  • Rich in potassium, Dillisk is an excellent and healthy source of this vitamin.
  • Dillisk is high in zinc and this helps maintain normal levels of vitamin A in the blood.
  • Manganese is required for a surprising number of essential enzymes, such as pyruvate carboxylase, a key enzyme involved in energy production from sugars and therefore, this ion has cardinal importance.
  • Dillisk is one of the biggest sources of Iron a person can get and this is important as a central component of hemoglobin, in the red blood cells. These cells transport oxygen around the body through the blood stream. Taking an iron supplement can prevent or alleviate anemia.
  • Calcium is required by the body for the formation of healthy bones and this is one key vitamin that Dillisk can provide a good supplement for. Calcium is also required by women at risk of osteoporosis and young, children for the development of strong healthy bones and teeth.

How can I use the Dillisk I get from Clarke's?

  • Chop it up and add it to salads or sandwiches, providing the dish with a salty red garnish, packed with crisp taste of sea salt.
  • Use it as a snack to eat in between meals.
  • Cut Dillisk into strips and use as part of a stir-fry or add to making boxty! Make sure that you wash Clarke’s Dillisk with cold water to soften it.
  • Ideal complement to the Original Irish dinner, bacon and cabbage! Just add it when boiling the bacon and cabbage.
  • Dillisk can be added to vegetable SOUPS and CHOWDERS, where it is best-added 10 minutes before the soup is ready, the result is a thickening of the soup.
  • Dillisk can also be sautéed and this illustrates its versatility.
  • Why not try it an ingredient for making bread or carrot cake!

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