Care Tips

Care Tips for your Irish Smoked Salmon

On Receiving your Smoked Salmon

Open the presentation box and examine the vacuum packed pouch – check to see that it is air tight and sealed completely. Once you are satisfied of the condition of the smoked salmon place in a refrigerator at a temperature between 0 and 4 degrees. The smoked salmon will last for 30 days in your fridge, however if it is not immediately being used we recommend freezing it.

Storing Clarke's Salmon

Once the pack is open, Clarke’s smoked salmon will keep in good condition for up to seven days in a refrigerator. Re-wrap the salmon very well in either the original pack, in foil or in a polythene food bag to prevent it from drying out. Always heed the best before label – and never consume the smoked salmon once this date has expired.

Smoked Salmon & Preservatives

Salt and smoke are the only preservatives used in Clarke’s smoked salmon. After salting, the salmon is allowed dry. During this drying process a pellicle forms on the salmon skin. It is this pellicle that holds the key to Clarke’s great tasting smoked salmon. Why? It is a good surface for the smoke flavour to stick during the smoking process and it seals in remaining moisture. Importantly, it prevents fats in the salmon rising to the surface and spoiling. This is the reason why smoked salmon can last for such a prolonged period of time.

Slicing Clarke's Salmon

If necessary loosen the skin along the edges and use a sharp knife to trim off the fins and fatty tissue – this will ensure easier slicing. Remove the pin bones using a tweezers. Slice the flesh horizontally in paper thin pieces working from head to tail.

Serving Clarke's Salmon

To get the full benefit of the rich full flavour of Clarke’s oak smoked salmon, serve slightly chilled but not too cold. Allow 55-75g per person.

Clarke's Salmon Smokery Quality Promise

All activities in Clarke’s Salmon Smokery are carried out in accordance with a detailed production and monitoring programme developed in strict accordance with H.A.C.C.P. principles. By setting out and maintaining high standards for food handling and hygiene on a consistent basis we aim to give our customers the confidence in choosing Clarke’s salmon everytime.
We are regulated by the Irish department of the Marine and this is our seal to you the customer that we deliver on our quality promise. Your smoked salmon order leaves Ballina having gone through a robust quality control procedure ensuring that it arrives to you in its best condition.

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