Anglers & the Moy Valley

The Moy valley has been synonymous with angling and good fishing waters down through the ages. Blessed with the River Moy and lough Conn & lough Arrow it is a fisherman's heaven. Stretches of the River Moy in Ballina Town itself and further up river boast bountiful angling locations.
anglers6000 salmon are caught by rod fishermen on the Moy each year. Allied to this is the fact that 30% of Irelands salmon catch is taken in the region! Given the prolificacy of the salmon catches, Ballina has earned the title of the 'Salmon Capital of Ireland'. The river is recognised as one of Europe's leading salmon angling destinations.
Clarke's salmon smokery is located only 200 metres from the popular Ridge pool fishing beat. In the Summer, this area is a Mecca for salmon anglers. With good tides and the right amount of water in the river, anglers can be rewarded for their patience by landing a salmon.
One valuable and keenly appreciated service to local and visiting fishermen is the provision of a salmon smoking service by Clarke's Salmon Smokery.
Get a German Angler's perspective as he visits the smokery as part of his angling tour of Ballina, filmed for German television: Lachsfischen/Salmon Fishing - click here
How does the smoking service for anglers work?
On catching a salmon or a trout (or pretty much any 'smokable' fish!) the angler brings it into Clarke's gourmet seafood deli in O'Rahilly St. Here the fish is weighed and recorded and then given a unique tag specific to Clarke's that will stay with the fish throughout the filleting, curing, drying and smoking process. This tag acts as a tracking mechanism and ensures that the angler is returned his original salmon.
Anglers then have the choice of having their side of smoked salmon trimmed, boned & sliced into different size packages or they can have it whole. The smoked salmon is returned in a vacuum packed pouch with a best before label on it.
This service is well received and really makes for a great memento for a fisherman that has landed a salmon with skill and endeavour. One can only imagine the stories that the fisherman will regale to his family and friends on how the salmon was caught when they sit down to feast on his smoked catch!
Round off your fishing trip with the ultimate prize – Clarke's oak smoked wild Irish salmon. The true taste of Ballina.
The process usually takes 3 days but can take longer depending on the time of year. This service is only available between May and September. Outside of these times please enquire to see how we can accommodate you. A flat rate is charged for the salmon smoking service regardless of size of fish. Please enquire at Clarke's gourmet seafood deli for pricing details.
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